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Monday, January 22, 2007 :::

I'm supersonic man. Do you wanna buy a rocket?

Love will tear us apart again.

Yes. I admit to watching Grey's Anatomy at times. My wife got me into it. I like her. I like the show. What's to complain about?

My boy is growing. I'm breathing it in, trying to remain present and focused on him, and Rae.

Presidential races kick off. The Seahawks lose in the Playoffs. I have new job prospects. My wife is going to stay home.

Who knew I was going to be a normal guy who sucks it up and plays the Game with The Man as opposed to a contrarian existence?

Ran into Nick Harmer over the holidays at Pacific Place mall. I had a couple of college classes with him back in the day. I gave him my card and told him to mail me.

No such luck ;)

Clint Lien hasn't written me back either. I guess he's too busy being Lori Bowden's Nano or something.

Then there is John Oram. He gets a free pass for another few months as he is in the first month of his marriage.

Perhaps I'll hear back from Tall Guy on this, given he prolly looks at this goofy blog daily waiting for me to pipe back up.

Maybe I'll be piping more.

::: posted by Jeremy at 9:51 PM

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