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Friday, May 04, 2007 :::

Notes on the Family Vacation

Rae, in the hotel room: "Dad, are you going to have Popping Tarts again for breakfast?"

Rae, after listening to the wedding reception dance music, asked Sydney, "What does 'sexy' mean?"

Sydney smiled and replied, "It means you feel really pretty."

Then, two nights later, "Mom, do you feel sexy?"

The set-up for the Air Show one week later.

International Swimming Hall of Fame. Lynn "We had it all to ourselves." Dawn "Unbelievable!" Me not being able to get out of bed to swim there.

Catalinas Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale: Rae states "Dad, I don't really like the chicken." Tim Dillon states, "That's too bad, because that's the best chicken you're ever going to have."

The proprietor Mario walking Owen around the restaurant in his arms. As we get up to leave, "Oh, don't leave, please, I make you another Mojito ..."

The best limes, lemons and mint I've ever experienced were in Fort Lauderdale/Miami.l

Lynn hearing all about Catalinas (for Dinner, Rae, Tim, Ty, Chris, Owen, Me) and for Lunch (Chris, Tim, Dawn, Ty), wanted to try it for lunch on Saturday. Sydney and Todd came with us. Of course they were closed.

Zona Fresca instead (really great fast-food Mexican joint next door ...)

Disney World water taxis. Dawn trying to hold our reservation via the phone while speaking to a not-so-intelligent/helpful person on the other line. And having it not matter anyway. Cinderella and Prince charming were grand and the kids didn't miss a beat.

Ohana's: "Shaka Cousin!" Meat on a stick.

The first night's bus ride back to Caribbean Beach Hotel "Khhaachhhheckkk, Next stop be Aroooba, Khhaachheckkk."

Way too much food.

Rae on the Thunder Mountain Railroad "Dad, you hold onto me and I'll hold on to my hat ..." Zipping arond corners with my arm around her waist, her face eager, right hand on top of her pink-sashed Mini Mouse Pirate Princess ears ...

"Dad! We beat the evil lady with our dreams!" (Show at the Castle)

Owen saving shit-backer BMs for the least opportune moments (airplanes, solo parent in busy mall etc.)

Owen travelling extraordinarily well and flirting with women of all ages constantly when awake.

Waiting for Ariel for 60 minutes in the hot sun. Two days later they turned the water on (May 1).

The goat stealing and eating random guy's pamphlet at Raffiki's petting park.

Khali river rapids and Mt. Everest Expedition twice. Updside down, backwards, in the dark.

Getting Lynn to ride the Aerosmith roller coaster ("No, baby it doesn't go upside down ...")

Finally getting to ride Space Mountain (that's a dream fulfilled 25+ years in the making).

Hitting the wall Wednesday night trying to procure dinner. Feeling intoxicated from lack of sleep Thursday AM at the Orlando airport.

Ty and Rae fighting/getting along like brother and sister.

Rae not wanting to leave Florida. Even as we were landing back in Seattle she wanted the plane to turn around and head back to Orlando.

Taking a few extra days at home before having to be back at work: excellent choice.

Yachts, homes, cars and Los Olos Drive. LA east. Body image, narcissism, acquitivism, priceless.


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